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Fall Fishing & Hunting in Wyoming

Fall Fishing & Hunting in Wyoming

Leaves have begun to change colors and nights are getting cooler. We are about to start the last push of fall work until snow begins to fly. Fish are still eating hoppers, but there’s a hint of cold that’s bringing things closer to spawning trout It’s raining now and has been the theme this year. So I reckon, a wet, raw…you gotta want it kinda fall is coming down the pipe. Some large, colored up fish come along with it. Whether it’s salmon or trout, both are running and colored up.

Moss isn’t so bad this year and the river cooling would make one believe we are in for some clearer fishing conditions than in years’ past. We have been seeing single salmon up and down the river as of last week. Lakes are cooling and fish are beginning the final feed! Come, get in on some of the action with one of our local guides!

We have to focus in on during the end of the season:

Old FaithfulSeedskadee National Wildlife guides available – $700 per boat 1-2 ppl

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“CLASSIC” – Green or New Fork Freestone Half Day or Full Day – $700

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“Little Alaska” – Kokanee Salmon walk/wade trips! $500 per day 1-2 people

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Cocktail Trips – Private Walk Wade Trips on river and stocked ponds – $350 Per person (rod fee included!)

Seasons Open! – Cast & Blast – $750 1-2 ppl. Sage Grouse and Waterfowl Hunting! Geese and ducks. Decoying waterfowl and pointing dog for grouse. Need an E-duck stamp?? Click here ! 

EXCLUSIVE – Next level waterfowl hunting. Unique and unmatched experiences. $250 per gun (2 person/$500 minimum) CALL FOR DETAILS

Ice Fishing, all gear provided – $300-500 per person, per day. Price depends on location and transportation used. Visit our Ice fishing page for more info!

Make sure to get you fishing and/or hunting licenses here!

Wyoming Fly Fishing is Heating Up! Summer is Here!

Summer is here and Wyoming fly fishing is heating up!

The wild trout are out and about! After a long, drawn out spring…summer has finally arrived, along with all the good things that come with it. Including premier Wyoming fly fishing! We are finding good fishing and plentiful opportunity up and down the drainage right now. Give us a call, we have available guides ready to show you the best experience money can buy around these parts!

Be sure to visit our guide page to get a feel for the body of experience we have available for you. We offer full and half day float trips on various water throughout the Green River Drainage, and are ready to get you on-board to hunt big fish! Additionally, we offer Walk & Wade packages that cannot be beat, with public water knowledge and private water access. In our private waters we have grown a very healthy population of Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout. Learn more about our Private Waters here. Don’t forget your fishing license and conservation stamp! They can be purchased at various retailers around the basin or on the WYG&F website by clicking here.

As water levels begin to recede and visibility capitulates to the naked eye, the trout have been taking advantage of the gourmet aquatic eatery as it floats by. They are gorging themselves on bugs and terrestrials with veracity throughout all hours of the day. We are seeing only minor cool down episodes during the peak of the sun’s diurnal arc. As a result, our guides are having much success in linking up with big critters in both shallow and deep waters.

There’s more to learn and more to success to be had. Come fish with the premier fishing group of Western Wyoming.

For more information or to book a trip call or text (307) 360-3251

Spring has sprung (kind of), good fishing

Call to book: (307) 360-3251

We have been on the river for a few weeks now,

Big trout. Pinedale, Wyoming

nice having it to ourselves. I suspect that will change in the coming weeks. Good fishing been had and some great times, with one really nice one. Congrats Cole, on a 25″ 8lb rainbow (pictured). Aside from that big one, we have been getting some nice cuttroat and brown trout, along with the rainbows.

We are still doing the Spring Special, $450 for a guide trip (1-2) anglers. Below Fontenelle Dam or around Pinedale on the Green or New Fork Rivers.

We are currently booking summer fly fishing for 2023 and 2024 around Pinedale, as well as Fontenelle, Wyoming. We are permitted on both the New Fork Rivers, top to bottom. Make sure when you’re closing an outfitter that its a legally permitted and insured outfit. We have alot of fly by night guides coming to Pinedale for a short few weeks. Most/all have zero permitting and probably lack insurance. We have been in business, locally in Sublette County since 2013 and the only full time outfitter producing the best quality of fish and experience.

CALL TO BOOK (307) 360-3251

Snow and cold – 2023

Snow and cold – 2023

We asked and we are getting it.  After 2 years of sub-par winters…we are in luck! Ample snowpack and cold temps to back it up. Even going into March, we are still cold and snowier than what we have been in quite a few years. The rivers are going to get a great flush this year. The entire ecosystem will benefit from what we are dealing with right now.

We are currently booking what’s left in 2023 and onto 2024. Hunts and fishing trips. The Bar OG Fish Camp is officially available to the public. A lot of good things happening here at the WFC, thanks to all of you who support us. We have more private water this year, along with additional permitted areas to fish. Lots of options we have. Lake Charter Fishing as well!

We plan to start fishing in the coming weeks once the cold lets up. We are doing reduced price full day guided float trips below the dam (not refuge) until April 1 at $450 per boat (1-2 anglers)

CALL (307) 360-3251 to book!

Now booking 2023

Now booking 2023

    Good Snowpack!

We are in a winter wonderland here in Pinedale, snow is blowing in along with the cold. The Wind River Range snowpack is at 102% SWE and 98% of normal, in the Pinedale region. Some of the drainages are reading lower than I would expect, leading me to believe we are above 100% in both categories.  Either way, a step up in the snowpack. Much needed!

Wyoming Brown trout

                        Seedskadee Fishing guide – Chad Wiedeman

The Lower Green River, from Fontenelle Dam and downstream is a bit heavier on the snowpack. 139% snow-water equivalent and 114% of normal. Good stuff for the Fontenelle and Seedskadee region.

Pinedale Fly Fishing Guides

        New Fork Fly Fishing

2023 should be a long and healthy season. We still have plenty of time to add onto the current snowpack, which is exciting. We have a guide team stationed in each section of river – Pinedale and Fontenelle, ready to show you a good time!

Pinedale brown trout

The discounted guided fishing float trips goes until April 1, 2023 below the dam on section zero. 1-2 anglers, bring your own lunch. Guide will have flies and rods.

Fontenelle Dam fly fishing guides

Winter Special 23″ Fontenelle Rainbow

Call to book 2023 (307) 360-3251

**Winter/Spring Special**

**Winter/Spring Special**

The cold is setting in and snow depth is getting deeper. All things so far are indicating a good winter ahead, something we haven’t had in a few years. We have been out on the water recently during warmer weather, current weather is too cold for fishing. Expect temps to warm in the New Year. Good thing, because this is when we are offering discounted guide trips below the Dam.

$450 for 1-2 anglers full day guided float trip. Guide will provide flies and rods, you gotta bring your own lunch and drinks.  We get $750 for these trips during normal season, this is a killer deal! We are the outfitter that does most trips in Fontenelle/Seedskadee, so why not come out and book one of our local guides, the men on my team are ready to go, you say when.  We usually pick up mid-late January. Nymphing and Streamer fishing will be the ticket and if you’re lucky, there maybe some fish nosing up to adult insects you can throw a dry fly to and not blow it. Winter dry fly fishing opportunities require presentations that demand perfection, but there’s typically some really good fishing willing to play if you can execute and weather cooperates. If not, nymphing remains consistent for beginners – experts alike. The whitefish average 16-19″ and provide some serious fun aside from the trout. We have high catch rate during winter fishing trip specials of whitefish, many days hitting 30-50 whitefish in the net per boat. Almost non stop action between trout and whitie. These things are a force some days…other days, all we find is trout and zero whitie. We find bigger fish in the winter as well, some measured in pounds, not inches. So come get some!.

We are also booking 2023 pretty heavily right now. We have all the permits on the river and the most seasoned guides, so make sure to get your 2023 dates booked before all the primo permitted water is booked!

CALL TO BOOK (307) 360-3251

That’s a wrap!

The 2022 season is finally coming to slow down, on the fishing side at least. Waterfowling is picking up. Winter has begun and we are taking a breather for the holidays. We have some cast and blast trips coming up through the holidays, but the slow down is nice to get! 2022 was a slamming busy season. Snowpack is looking good already as we have seen more snow than what we have gotten the last 2 falls. A promising sign and much needed start to the winter.

We are currently running discounted full day fishing trips through March. Price per boat is $450. Bring your own lunch/drinks, guide will have flies and rods if needed. Winter can be a great time to fish. So watch the weather, grab a buddy and give us a call! We have several local  guides who can help accommodate multi boat trips if needed. We are also doing pretty well on the trophy ducks.  If you want to get out for a guided duck hunt, now is a great time to call us, the numbers of birds are just beginning to get good. Price per gun is $250. We can accommodate larger groups of 3+ hunters. Bring your own gun, ammo lunch and drinks. Meeting time TBD on hunt conditions and venue selected.

Thanks to all the patrons of 2022! Fishing was tricky, but certainly panned out. We are booking 2023 at an unusual fast rate. So if you’re not on the schedule, it’d be in your best interest to give us a call and we can pick your adventure in 2023!

CALL TO BOOK FISHIN’ or HUNTIN’! (307) 360-3251

Good, Clean Fun

Good, Clean Fun

Starting to see a bunch of colored up fish coming into the Wyo Fish Co guide boats. Beautiful weather is upon us and great fishing! The catching can be spotty at times, but GREAT fishing this fall! Salmon, aggressive brown trout ( not spawners), robust rainbows and feisty cutthroat are all making for some great times on the water this fall, and some good ole fashioned fun!  We will be guiding until the weather turns to winter, then focus a bit more on waterfowl hunts.  We have reduced price trips staring in November, so if you can’t make it this month, you still have chance to get out with one of our guides before winter sets in. Refuge Closes to guided fishing on November 1, we have availability, so give us a call and lets schedule your adventure.   I am guiding full time now and do not have anyone to pick up the phone, so If no answer, text and well will set you up!  Call/text to book! (307) 360-3251

Indian summer

Indian summer

October is almost upon us and we are back in the warm weather. Congrats to Dave on a massive brown trout he got this week in a WFC guide boat. The recent rains saved the upper river as we are coming into the fall season. Guide trips have produced some incredible fish lately, they have also crushed the egos of many anglers used to Disneyland fisheries – dutch John, fort smith, grey reef etc….. Fishing is challenging right now, but rewarding.  Fish are moving around constantly it seems, feeding in different windows and the moss is moving. We are having some days where big fish are hitting and moss is minimal, other days, the fish are spotty and the moss moves. For the persistant angler, there are  great rewards. We saw a few fish over the 26″ mark in the last week, weighing into the double digit pound class.

The fall feed will pick up in the coming weeks as the salmon begin to grow in numbers throughout the river system. Come get some before the snow flies! We will be guiding into November, weather permitting. Give us a call and we will get you on the books. If you are looking for information to fish on your own (not guided), please call a local fly shop. We are an outfitter, not a fly shop trying to sell you the hot new flies for the river.

Fall Green River Guide Report

Fall Green River Guide Report

Good fall temps have arrived.  The extended forecast shows highs in the 70’s and proper fall weather. This is something we haven’t quite seen since Covid.  What a relief. Some good fishing was had this week in the WFC guide boats.  Big fish on dry flies, most boats saw “personal bests” for it’s anglers.  Good Stuff! Great to see such quality on the fish year after year.  The rainbow pictured went 7.5 lbs on the scale this week. The guide team here at the WFC is a strong one!  I’m proud to have these men on the Wyo Fish Co team!

Bookings are picking back up with the cooler weather, but we still have some good stuff left. Good streamer fishing is on the brink! Come get some!  Refuge guide trips end on November 1. We will still be booking November/December trips below Fontenelle Dam at a discounted rate. Call for availability and details for the November stuff. Booking 2023 as well, so get your spot while we have availability. Call to book (307) 360-3251