Ice Fishing 2023-24

The Monsters of the Deep

Throughout Western Wyoming there is an abundance of lakes which harbor multiple species of Trout and Salmon. Through the hardwater season, these fish are uniquely accessible to anglers in considerable numbers, when they would otherwise require a boat and a much stricter window of time to chase them. Hardwater fishing is a thrilling method of take which allows anglers opportunities on vibrantly colored, voraciously hungry trout, with sizeable mass packed on from a lifetime of feeding in the superb aquatic conditions of Rocky Mountain stillwater. In simple terms, these trips are curated to be FUN. With amenities and comforts the unseasoned ice angler might not consider included, and with methods implemented to garner a memorable experience, these sessions on the hardwater are packed full of adventure; so bring along your intrepid spirit.  

We offer a few different packages to target different species through hardwater. They vary greatly so, check them out below & call, text or drop us an email with any questions or to book today!

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Winter – Late December to mid-March
Hardwater develops on Wyoming lakes early in the winter and is typically safe to fish by the end of December. There is no shortage of trophy hardwater throughout the state but, particularly, the fishing in the southwest region of the state offers a true plethora of trophy fishing.

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Chasing Trout

Along the rocky shoals, in comparatively shallow water, aquatic invertebrates and juvenile bait fish live out their lives in relative harmony with exception to the few times a day when predators troll through hunting for a convenient meal. It is in these sporadically short windows of time that those predators become the prey, as we set up our operation and sight fish for large Cutts, Bows, Browns and Brooks. You read that correctly. We sight fish for monster trout through the ice. 

 With comforts and accommodations included, this trip is sure to be an adventure. Contact us today to learn more!





Lake Trout, the prestigious monster of the depths, is one of the most difficult species to target throughout all seasons. For the average angler, hardwater season offers the best chance of meeting up with a large Mack. While targeting these fish is a long, arduous process which features only few (if any) events of hooking up, it is a truly rewarding experience if (or) when the fight for a trophy Laker concludes in success. Many attempts to pursue them are fruitless however, on those wonderful occasions when they are in plentiful supply and are willing to play, this trip is a memorable experience for which you are sure to never forget. 

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