Rowing Lessons


The art of fly fishing, for many, is a lifelong pursuit. As an angler develops from the shoreline of various rivers, the myriad of different aspects of this sport begin to be realized and, all the subject matter one acquires surrounding a successful hunt for trout over the course of said lifetime eventually begins to culminate into an individualized methodology, from within which an arsenal of tactics can be summoned at a moment’s notice and applied deliberately in an effort to fight a fish. Then, just when you’ve gotten the hang of finding, tricking and fighting fish… you throw a drift boat into the mix. Now, everything has changed and you might not even know where to begin in your new method of pursuit. Leave it to us.  

If you’ve already reviewed our “Guides” page, you may be familiar with the name Cyndle Clift and likewise know she is a guide and instructor, touting an extensive record of experience fishing and guiding whitewater arenas throughout the Mountain West. As a result of such knowledge, she is regarded as an authority on drift boat methodology, ramp etiquette, river maneuvering & tactics, and waterway hazard mitigation. It is for this reason that Wyoming Fishing Company has proudly tasked Cyndle with leading our Rowing Lessons Course and Women’s Rowing Clinic. Cyndle harbors the heart of a teacher and, with her wealth of knowledge, this educational course is sure to arm you with an arsenal of disciplines and practices which will ensure your next outing and all the others to follow, will be safe and memorable.  

 This is a focused course designed to substantiate and gradually supplement an individual’s competence and confidence in handling a drift boat on freshwater laneways. We recommend an initial course to master fundamentals and theory then, a follow up course to tune practices and disciplines. Check out our rate below & call, text or drop us an email with any questions or to book today!

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Summer – Early Fall
Towards the end of Spring, as the weather finally begins to cooperate, and the worst of the road conditions have been subdued, the boat ramps of Western Wyoming’s public waterways become safely and easily accessible; a perfect venue for learning and practice.
Fontenelle Dam fly fishing guides

Women’s Rowing Clinic – Full Day: $300

With individualized lessons available, or the option for up to two ladies per course, this rowing clinic of Cyndle’s is tailored to cultivate confident and capable female anglers on the river. This course focuses on operating a drift boat, safely navigating the waterways, river and ramp etiquette, fishing strategies and more. 

Multi-day packages are available. Contact us for more details.