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Chris Ryan

Chris is a born and bred Wyomingite. He owns/operates a guide service on the Big Horn River in Thermopolis, Wyoming when not helping us out at he WFC. He has been a full time guide for 7 years now and has a bit of experience guiding the famous Wind River Canyon, just south of Thermopolis. Chris is the hardest working, baddest to the bone Wyomingite fish guide there is. When not fishing the rivers, Chris spends his time chasing game in the hills, or fishing the hardwater of Boysen Reservoir for it’s big perch, walleye, trout and crappie or coaching USA wrestling. If you’re interested in fishing the famous, Big Horn of Wyoming, check out Chris’s site and book a trip!

Cyndle Clift

Cyndle has been a guide in the American West since 2012, guiding Idaho’s crown jewel, the South Fork of the Snake. Since her joining the guide roster of the WFC 3 years ago and wife of Owner/operator, RyHud.  She is also the mother of RyHud’s 2 baby boys, Eddy and Jack. The 4 of them are immersed in a life of fishing, love and all things wild (including trout!). She has more experience running whitewater than any of the WFC guides on the rowdy Lochsa of Idaho. She’ll put you on a bunch of fish, with the prettiest smile you’ve ever seen in a drift boat.  Do you have a wife, daughter or lady friend who needs lady instruction? Cyndle is your gal!

Micah Lisk

Micah is from the Ozarks of southern Missouri and grew up fishing the local water for bass and trout. He migrated out to the American West during his senior year of high school. This is when he began fishing with Ryan in 2004 throughout Wyoming. He has spend ever since guiding, running big equipment and fishing all night for a 30″ walleye. Micah and Ryan guided in Mongolia together and fished steelhead through the West since 2009. Micah is a great addition to the team here at the Wyoming Fishing Company.

Stuart Birdsong

“Stu” is the celebrity guide out of Fort Collins, Colorado, who has officially been resurrected from a guide career in Wyoming, starting  in 2001. He was a guide at the North Platte Lodge/Reef Fly Shop in Alcova, WY for over a decade, which is how him and RyHud met, during the college years in Laramie, Wy. Once Stu retired from full time guiding in 2013, he moved south of the boarder and began selling real estate in Ft Collins. After fishing with RyHud, during the summer prior to retirement with his old client Frank, Stu realized he wanted to come and join the guide roster at the WFC, while not selling real estate. “Salsa Stu”, “Stubacca” or “The Stuewweeuue” is a legend in Wyoming, possessing a jedi like ability to guide and get fish to eat, even after being out of the game for years. Stu is family man, who loves a good jiu jitsu spar and swinging flies for BC Steelhead.

Dillon Upton

Dillon is a native to Kemmerer, Wyoming  and family man residing on the banks of the Green River. He has guided the Big Horn River, as well as the Green River in Wyoming. He is a great addition to the guide team. He is always willing to work hard and do what it takes to find the fish. He When not fishing, Dillon is being a family man or chasing big game throughout the Cowboy State.

Ryan Hudson

Owner/Operator – Wyoming Fishing Company. “RyHud” has been consumed by fishing since he could hold a fishing pole, more so by the art of wrapping hair/hackle around hooks. He began tying commercially for shops at the age of 13, guided a couple stints in Mongolia for the fabled Hucho Taimen, hosted for Bolivian Jungle Dorado and built what the WFC is today. After high school graduation in 2004 out of Missouri, he was in Wyoming 2 days later to begin his guide career, while persuing a B.S. degree at the University of Wyoming, which, after a few years was accompished. This allowed him to guide on the North Platte and Big Horn River systems in Wyoming during the school season and spending summer time on the Snake and Green Rivers.

Chad Wiedeman

Chad is a Wyoming Native and grew up in the Cowboy State’s first Evinrude/Johnson outboard dealer in central Wyoming. His younger years consisted of netting fish, hunting and Wyoming Ranch life. He has been a guide in Wyoming since 2011 on the North Platte and Big Horn River drainages. Aside from being a drift boat guide, he has also done a fair amount of walk wade trips across the state. When he’s not fishing, he’s probably tying flies, shooting something or getting stepped on by calves.

Frank Wilson

Frank is Michigan native who transplanted to the Rocky Mountains over 20 years ago and perhaps the most kind, easiest going guide/casting instructor out there, making him a great addition to the WFC team. He grew up targeting all anadromous fish of the Great Lakes and the rivers that feed them. He has spent the last couple decades pursuing many species of fish on the fly around North and South America, both fresh and saltwater. His enthusiasm, talent, and genuine attitude makes for a memorable day!

Mark Forslund

Mark has been a guide on the Green for a couple decades and needs no introduction. He helped build the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge guide permit system long ago. Mark and owner/operator, RyHud’s professional relationship go back over a decade. Mark is a great addition to the team here at the WFC. He brings character, enthusiasm and fish to the boat.

Aaron Woodard

Aaron is a sage country pioneer, who lives on a windy ridge overlooking the Green River. This guys’ lifelong passion for chasing finned creatures started in Michigan with salmon, steelhead and trout as a target, makes him a great addition to the team here at the Wyoming Fishing Company. He has been a Rocky Mountain resident for over a decade and began guiding for the WFC in 2020. When he isn’t catching all trout in his path, “Wood” is usually speaking to bull elk on a personal level, cutting firewood or being family man to his wife and kids.

Jake Martinez

 Jake was born and raised on the Green River, growing up in the City of Green River, Wyoming. He eats, sleeps and breathes fly fishing and pursuing game in the fall. This is Jake’s second season as a fishing guide for the Wyo Fish Co, he currently guides the North Platte around Casper, when not in college or guiding the Green. He has been up and down the river as a fishing guide, working it from top to bottom in the last year, Green River Lakes to his home water of Flaming Gorge. Jake’s easy going attitude makes for a fun day on the water, with a guide who has the Green River flowing through his blood.

Tristan Van Valkenburg

Tristan is everything Wyoming. Growing up in both Rock Springs and Pinedale, he has fished and explored much of the western waters, including the Green, New Fork, Salt, and East Fork Rivers. This is his first year guiding with WFC, but his experience taking others out onto the water is nothing new. When Tristan isn’t on the rivers or lakes, he is tying a variety of flies or enjoying nature through hiking and hunting wild game and ducks. His favorite feeling is fighting a golden on his fly rod in the Wind River Mountain range. He recently completed his Paramedicine degree and works as a fire fighter/paramedic in Rock Springs. He is excited to share his knowledge and passion with others interested in Wyoming water.

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