Private Water Access

A Treasure of Your Own.

It’s no secret that Wyoming’s numerous mountain ranges provide for an almost insurmountable offering of river miles, full of vivacious, carnivorous trout. What might be less known however is that many of these river miles are inaccessible to anglers due to private land ownership. Fortunately, Wyoming Fishing Company has multiple private water access agreements secured with private landowners throughout the western half of the state.  

Private water access affords the peace and tranquility of quiet seclusion while targeting hungry, seldomly pressured trout. It’s truly an opportunity to experience a treasure of your own. Contact us to learn more about our private waters.

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Spring – April to Late June:
Access to private water typically starts in April, depending on the condition of the previous winter, and remains throughout the season. In the early Spring, during the first days of the ice-off, hungry trout move to open water for new feeding opportunities. 

Summer – Late June to Early September:
As the days grow warmer, and the main channel grows more crowded, early mornings and evenings on private water become an absolute blessing. Fish come to the surface early and late in the day to feed on multiple hatches, making the dry fly take an absolute riot!

Fall – September to November:
The days cool off and grow exponentially shorter as the coming winter begins to grip tight to the water drainages. Trout sense the coming hard water and, in cooperation with the running Kokanee, their instinct to pack on the mass ignites. Fall is an excellent time for egg patterns and flesh flies.

Fontenelle Dam fly fishing guides

Walk and Wade – Full Day: $500 + Rod Fee

We have partnered with landowners in Western Wyoming to offer our clients vast opportunities on varying river banks and private ponds, where fish are plentiful and the scenery is picturesque. This is a featured experience we offer and is broadly suited to anglers of all skill levels, making it an excellent opportunity for family outings, team building events, or just a quiet hunt for fish among friends. Have a walk with your guide and let us help you stalk that next memorable fish, in the peaceful seclusion and serenity of a little treasure of your own.




Fontenelle Dam fly fishing guides

Float and Walk-In – Full Day: $600 + Rod Fee

We have secured access to private waters off the beaten path and, we believe there’s a better way to get there than just driving alone. Why not put in up river and fish our way down to our destination? This package offers an opportunity at big trout on productive water and concludes at a private ramp, from which a walk-in trip to productive ponds provides excellent fishing and wonderful scenery. 




Fontenelle Dam fly fishing guides

Cocktail Hour! – Walk & Wade Evening: $300

Walk into one of our scenic, opportunity rich private leases with a guide to target a variety of trout species in both river and still waters. An excellent evening adventure for friends or families to make memories in a shorter window of time, this venue offers a wide-open, back cast friendly theater where new enthusiasts and kids can hone their skills while more advanced anglers can target large trout in more technical spaces. This trip is the perfect “after work” get away to wash off a long day, or to extend the good times after one of our iconic full-day floats! Ask us about our multi-angler pricing specials.  




Walk and Wade – Fly Fishing Lessons: $75/hour

For the beginner, learning to fly fish can be a daunting prospect. The methods, the gear, the bugs… Fortunately, you’ve just completed our “Learn to Fly Fish” course and are equipped with a new bank of knowledge. Let’s put it to task. With your guide you will be put on opportunity-rich water where your new skills can be honed by practical experience. The likelihood of catching fish in this arena is very good and it serves as a perfect venue to build confidence and tune your skills, so you will be ready on your next wild outing to hunt fish like a seasoned expert.