Fall is here, we have even seen snow a few times. The boys are keeping busy on the lower river, grinding out the rest of the season until the refuge closes on October 31 to all guided activity. Moss isn’t so bad is the spots that seem to have the fish. Salmon run in the smallest I’ve ever seen it in my 20 years of outfitting in Western Wyoming.  We are still getting some nice fish here and there, but you got to want it right now. Our river has never been for the faint of heart and that is certainly the case now, but a fish of lifetime is just as possible as it has always  been.

Colored up brown caught by a WFC patron, as he made his way up the river to find a mate

Browns are colored up pretty good and I imagine they’ll start digging in the gravel shortly…so be away of them and let them be. The last 2 years were hell on our fish and it’s important they get a proper spawn in, so ….you know, we can catch the spawned wild ones later.  Any anger/guide who fished spawning trout isn’t for the fishery and sure isn’t for the wild fish concept, whether native or not.

We have a little over a week left and have some available days if you want a shot at your Green River Trophy Trout. Once November hits, out REDUCED PRICE full day guided float trips begin at $425 per day. These trips go until March 31, 2023.  You must bring your own lunch and drinks. Guide will have flies and rods if needed.  Click here for more info about our guided trips

Big rainbow caught on a discounted winter fishing trip with WFC guide

The bird hunts have been doing pretty well as well and we begin to get even busier with those as the fishing slows down in November. If you’re interested in shooting a mixed bag of birds in a great atmosphere, we can get you out there. The birds are coloring up real good and that trophy duck you’ve been looking for is here.

Happy WFC patrons on a September 2023 hunt

We are looking forward to our Wyoming ice fishing trips this winter, we are permitted in a few different lakes and can get you on some well fed and often times, trophy cutthroat, rainbow, brown and lake trout, along with Kokanee salmon and burbot. We have vexilar fish finders along with livescope, to locate the fish from your heated ice hut.

Wyoming Game and Fish requires a fishing license for both resident and non residents. Conservation stamp is NOT needed if you are buying a daily license.

Our guide Kurt is building some pretty slick custom rods this winter, feel free to check out his page at Laughing Bear Outfitters and see if you can get an order in, I believe he is sold out this winter as far as custom rods, but you can always get on the schedule for next year!