What its like to fish with the WFC

Joel from Houston

Ryan, founder of the Wyoming Fishing Company, has been my fly fishing guide for over six years in Wyoming.  We have fished a lot of the Wyoming rivers, namely, the Green, North Platte and Big Horn.  He is excellent guide and instructor.  Taught my daughter and wife, first time fly fishing.  He makes sure you understand the importance of respecting the habitat and the fish hatching seasons.  One time when it was too cold to fish (in the teens), he helped me build a beautiful fly rod.  The Wyoming Fishing Company comes highly recommended from me.

Vasili from Michigan

Great guide! Worked hard to put us on fish. Excellent knowledge of local flora and fauna. Great teacher when explaining unfamiliar techniques for presenting the fly. Easy going, had a ton of fun!

Lynn from Salt Lake City

I have fished with RyHud for almost 7 years now, he is a hard working, ambitious, real deal Wyoming fishing guide!  Never a bad time or dull moment in the boat with him and his dog, Ichabod. I typically come up from SLC each month through the summer and spend a few days with him, searching the river for Green River trout that love big dry flies!    

Frank from Denver

My first trip to fishing with Ryan was in 2012.  It was an unguided trip just friends and an quittance (Ryan Hudson).  After spending a few days fishing some of Ryan’s home water with him.  I said to myself, I have to go back.  In 2013 was my first guided trip.  It was simply amazing.  Truly, western fly fishing at its best.  We fished long we fished hard.  The results were amazing.  It wasn’t the quantity!  It was the experience.  From matching the hatch to throwing big hoppers and dredging big streamers it was a complete thrill.  We were always rewarded for our efforts.  Ryan learned from some of the best.  He put in the work.  Even pulled a few of my flies out of his skin.  There are many reasons why I have booked a trip every year since 2013.  There is a new experience each and every year. Last year Ryan and his Fiancé took me out for an evening float, a for those who have not experienced true Mouse fishing, it’s simply amazing as I don’t quite know how to put it into words, I will never forget it!  Not to mention some of the biggest trout I have ever caught. Every winter I start to let my mind drift and it always takes me to North West Wyoming.  then I pick up my phone and book a week.  To those who take the time to read this, GO!  If you like Wild Trout and some big ones, GO!  If you want to fish with a company that doesn’t watch the Clock, GO!  If you want to see some of the most amazing eats on a big dry fly, GO.  Tight Lines and Big Dry’s!!!