Women's Fly Fishing

Female Guides Who Kick Butt

Fly fishing can be intimidating, particularly since it has been a male dominated sport for decades.  During recent years, more and more women have become interested in fly fishing.  We are happy to expand on the Women's Fly Fishing program here at the Wyoming Fishing Company. Whether you're new to the sport, wanting to learn how to throw streamers from a boat, looking to catch you're first 2' er on a dry fly,or a borderline Joan Wulff, our female guides will create the environment you're looking for, on a venue with the type of fish and experience you came to Wyoming for.  The ladies here encourage a supportive atmosphere in a non competitive environment within the sport of fly fishing. It's all about fun!  

We start with female instructors in our fly casting lessons, to seasoned female guides, rowing their own drift boats, who are permitted on water that most outfitters only wish they could operate.  They have access to various private ranches throughout the Green River Drainage with ponds, creeks and wadable rivers.  Aside from the beautiful ranch water the ladies guide, we have female guide permitting on Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge.  The first and only lady guide service on the Green River, which flows through Seedskadee National Wildlife.  That's why they kick butt!!

Leslie and Cyndle in Fontenelle during high water 2017

Leslie and Cyndle in Fontenelle during high water 2017

Female Guided Trips

Casting Lessons


Female instruction for a 2 hour casting lesson on private ponds.  Tackle, entomology, fly casting and fighting/releasing trout all covered.

Cost - $90 (1-2 ppl, $30 per add'l person)

1/2 day & Full Day Wade


Female guided walk/wade trips on private steams/ponds & public water.  Gear & Beverages provided.  

Cost: Half Day $300 1-2 anglers

Full Day $400 1-2 anglers

1/2 day & Full day Floats


Female guided drift boat fly fishing trips. Gear and beverages included

Cost: Half Day $350

Full Day $550